Meuser Statement on Release of Transcript from President Trump’s Call with President Zelensky

September 25, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON — Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-09) issued the statement below following the release of the transcript from President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky:

“After reading the transcript from President Trump’s call with President Zelensky, it’s clear that there was no quid pro quo and that it was reasonable for them to discuss the potential corruption that may have transpired between the former Vice President and Ukraine.

“The Democrats believe this justifies impeachment. I do not agree and I’m quite sure any reasonable American, Republican or Democrat, does not agree either.

“Speaker Pelosi is again acting in political interests instead of in the public’s best interest. There is obviously no justification for impeachment. No high crime or misdemeanor was committed by the President. If there should be any inquiries, it should be surrounding the potential corruption mentioned in the transcript involving the former Vice President. This seems to be conveniently dismissed.”