July 27, 2020
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC. – Today, Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-09) introduced the Stop Mail-In Voter Fraud Act, legislation aimed at protecting the integrity of elections in response to the adoption of new forms of voting during the coronavirus crisis and known abuses of mail-in voting methods:
“The integrity of elections should be of the utmost importance to every American. Shocking examples of mail-in voter fraud, coupled with the adoption of new forms of voting in recent months, make it imperative for Congress to send a message of zero-tolerance for those who try to tamper with votes.” said Rep. Meuser. “Submitting a fraudulent vote is, literally, stealing a vote. Additionally, a fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate vote cast by a law-abiding citizen, effectively suppressing that legitimate vote. The Stop Mail-In Voter Fraud Act sends a clear warning to anyone thinking of tampering with mail-in ballots that they will be subject to significant penalties, possibly including jail time.”
About the Stop Mail-In Voter Fraud Act:
  • Increases penalties for mail fraud, using fictitious names or addresses on a ballot, or the transmission of fraudulent ballots.
    • These heightened penalties are targeted at those who “execute a scheme or artifice involving multiple ballots.”
  • Directs the Attorney General to establish a reporting system on mail-in voter fraud.
    • Establishes a toll-free hotline and a confidential online portal.
  • Requires reporting on individuals recused from jury service on grounds of noncitizenship.
    • If an individual is selected for jury duty and then found to be a noncitizen, the court must notify the State’s chief election official and the Attorney General.
To read the bill, click HERE
Examples of Recent Fraud:
Philadelphia, PA: In July 2020, former Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers was indicted for interfering on behalf of candidates for whom he served as a consultant. Myers paid a South Philadelphia judge of elections to fraudulently add votes for candidates who had hired him for their races from 2014 to 2016.
Dry Fork, WV : In April 2020, Thomas Cooper, a contracted mail carrier for USPS, admitted to altering the political party preference on primary ballot requests.
Paterson, NJ: In May 2020, 3,274 ballots were invalidated in the City Council election, totaling 20% of all ballots cast. Among the reasons for disqualification are non-matching signatures, flawed information provided on the envelope, and that some ballots were found bundled with hundreds of other ballots in a mailbox.