April 15, 2021
Press Release

POTTSVILLE,PA — Today, Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-9) made the following remarks before voting against H.R.7 in the House of Representatives: 

“All Americans, men and women, should be treated equally and receive equal pay for equal work. I happen to be the father of two daughters, and I will do everything in this House to ensure that continues to be the case and is, in fact, the case. If this truly were an equal pay act, we would have a bipartisan initiative and agreement here. The problem is that is not what this legislation is about. It goes well beyond dealing with equal pay, instead providing equal pay for as many attorneys and trial lawyers as possible. Therein lies the problem; once again we have what looks like legitimate legislation that sounds good and feels good, yet, when you look at the details, it is far-left extremism which poisons the legislation and doesn’t allow reasonable members to be supportive of it. This is not the first time; this occurs very often, and it is the reason we don’t get things done nor do we get bipartisan cooperation. Cooperation is the way that we will achieve and complete bills of importance, particularly those that are named ‘equal pay for all’ and ‘equality for all.’ That is what our goal is, and it would be great if a bill like this had the substance that provided the ingredients which would result in equal pay.”

To watch Congressman Meuser’s remarks from the House Floor, please click HERE.